Vegan pâtés

For a change...

GUSTA has launched its first organic range of products: the Patés!
Our patés and Creton are made of your favorite legume; the red lentil! Both are prepared with carefully chosen vegetables and spices. They can be served as is, as a spread or even grilled. They will become your best friends, will spice up your sandwich or toast and embellish a nice appetizer board.

100% Vegan
Made in Canada

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5 questions to GUSTA’S Founder

By celebrating the planet and all its living beings, GUSTA is committed to making the world a better place. This committed brand – made in Canada – is a dream come true for a vegan from Polish descents born in Switzerland, and now based in Montreal. Here’s GUSTA’ story told by Sylvain Karpinski, its founding […]

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Balance female hormones
Cooking should not be puzzling!

Hack your favourite recipes or discover new ways of eating vegan style based on your culinary choices.

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