Seitan roasts and cured sausages

For a change...

Our seitan roasts are actually big sausages that give you a lot more versatility: you can make mini burgers, thin slices, cubes, strips.
Our vegan cured sausages are made with carefully chosen top-quality ingredients and spices to create a firm textured product that’s also highly tasty.

Watch out, there’s a good chance you’ll become addicted.

100% Vegan
Made in Canada

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These 10 celebs are vegan

You sometimes get the impressions that you’re all alone when you’re vegan… Family dinners, nights out with friends at the restaurant or happy hours after work are all moments when you can feel under scrutiny, as people ask you questions about your eating habits. Luckily, many celebrities are vegans! They can use their fame to spread the word about the diet and lifestyle they chose. Here are 10 celebrities that are vegan – who knows, you might be surprised to learn a few of them are!

One of the oldest foods in the world is...
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Hack your favourite recipes or discover new ways of eating vegan style based on your culinary choices.

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