Seitan roasts, cured sausages

For a change...

Our seitan roasts are actually big sausages that give you a lot more versatility: you can make mini burgers, thin slices, cubes, strips.
Our vegan products are made with carefully chosen top-quality ingredients and spices to create a firm textured product that’s also highly tasty.

Watch out, there’s a good chance you’ll become addicted.

100% Plant-based
Made in Canada
Vegan festive roast
Meat pie
Kebab Shawarma
Vegan seitan burger to slice
Sliced Kebab-shawarma

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3 facts about GUSTA’s packaging

3 questions and answers to shed light on the packaging of GUSTA products, their purpose, their benefits and their ecological goals.

The water consumption required for 1 kg of beef is 8 times higher than for 1 kg of wheat.
Cooking should not be puzzling!

Hack your favourite recipes or discover new ways of eating vegan style based on your culinary choices.

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