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GUSTA: 100% vegan!

At GUSTA, we’re passionate about vegan food and the environment. Our mission is to make the planet discover delicious foods that are good for, for everyone … and, well, for the planet (obviously). We also make sure to have fun when we’re doing it!

Sylvain Karpinski | CEO

Foodie, driven by vegan causes and passionate about entrepreneurship, Sylvain founded GUSTA with the idea of ​​creating a socially minded business at the cutting edge of good business practices. Polyglot, traveller and humanist, he likes good beer and joking around.

Maëlle Rajaonary | R&D project manager

Guarantor of GUSTA taste and flavours, Maëlle is our resident chemist. Just like a scientist, she searches for the best ingredients and doses them precisely to find that perfect combination.   Outside the laboratory, she practices yoga surrounded by her plants and her DIY decorations.

Jean-François Gagné | Logistics Manager

King of the underground dance floors of Quebec’s metropolis, Jeffo handles our supply chain with an iron fist and ensures that our sausages reach their destination. He proudly wears his GUSTA cap and loves to eat raw garlic cloves: he says it’s good for the complexion.

Solène Jansen | Quality Coordinator

Our products can only reach your plates after  Solène, the guardian of food quality and safety, gives the go-ahead. When she is not playing the superheroine, you can find her on a bike, on her console or giving some unconditional love to her cat, Smoky.

Francis Lavoie | VP of sales

Between football, soccer and mountain biking, Francis likes the thrill. He controls the sales of the company with an iron fist in a velvet glove, breathing a fresh and dynamic wind to the whole team.

Laurie Masardo | Product Manager

A true maestro, Laurie juggles the various demands of the company and anticipates any glitches that may arise. She is also responsible for many innovations. Don’t be fooled by appearances, despite her small size, she is a dynamo. You’ll quickly develop an appreciation for her amazing sense of humor … and her lame jokes!

Mathilde Do | Digital Marketing Specialist and Partnerships Manager

Mathilde manages all that’s related to the web with a masterful hand while also expertly dealing with partnerships and sponsorships. A climber and nature lover, she has great advice for exploring Quebec! You’ll also find her laughing at Laurie’s lame jokes, which is a good thing considering they work together!

Philippe Haumesser | CFO

He could have won Roland-Garros, but he preferred to manage listed companies finances. Back in the world of SMEs, Philippe has the foresight of a lone old wolf and the agility of a boreal otter. Besides, he’s pretty cool and funny.

Our mission

We make tasty and easy-to-cook vegan products to promote plant-based foods that contribute to making a better world.

Our values

Five values drive us:

  • Environment: We’re committed to protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Social justice: We advocate for greater social justice, support animal rights and act in a straightforward and transparent way.
  • Happiness: We prefer simplicity, lightness and being slightly unconventional. This is echoed in our employees’ wellbeing and self-actualization, who are at the heart of our development.
  • Excellence: We develop our recipes using simple, natural and non-GMO ingredients. We also implement state-of-the-art business processes and practices.
  • Innovation: We’re at the forefront of innovation when it comes to our recipes, products, processes and business practices.

You think you got that GUSTA edge? Passionate about social causes and vegan food? Want to join a team of crazy people who share your values? Take a look at our available positions and send us your resume.

We don't currently have any open positions, but you can send us your resume through a spontaneous application. We're always looking for new talent, and if we're interested in your profile, we'll contact you!