20 July 2020

3 succulent vegan restaurants in Vancouver

When you think of beautiful British Columbia, you immediately imagine greenery, wide open spaces and clean air. So it was only natural that Vancouver’s food scene should reflect the province’s image: natural, fresh and pure… much to the delight of vegetarians and vegans! Here is a close-up of three Vancouver B.C. vegan restaurants that we all want to experience.


This vegan landmark’s name is a play on words: we go there to meet… and to eat something other than meat! The three restaurateurs who founded MeeT in 2013 wanted to make veganism attractive, accessible, affordable, and even downright decadent. Its three Vancouver locations – Gastown, Yaletown and Main Street – serve comfort food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Some examples? How about poutine topped with cashew sauce. Beer-battered burgers. Coconut bacon… Untuck your shirt before eating here. You’ll need the space!

The Acorn

The Acorn came in number 1 on Big Seven Travel’s list of 50 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the World. This eatery celebrates – through its menu and wine list – the riches of the Earth, honouring local producers, suppliers and artisans. Its fine vegetarian and vegan cuisine varies according to seasonal arrivals. The offer is extensive, the presentation of the dishes is meticulous, the décor is refined and the homemade cocktails served are to die for. The slogan of this award-winning Vancouver restaurant speaks for itself: “Veggies for the win!” And for good reason! Under Chef Devon Latte’s guidance and inventiveness, radish, cucumber, kale and shiitake mushrooms are shown in a whole new light, both in terms of textures and flavours. An unforgettable experience.

Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian

Vancouver is home to many popular and unique Asian restaurants, and vegan or vegetarian eateries are right there among them! Shortly after it opened, Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian was already a hit with the locals. Nestled on Kingsway, this restaurant offers a totally vegetarian and almost entirely vegan menu. The dishes are inspired by the culinary traditions of Vietnam but served with a modern flare. Between papaya salad, noodle satay and garlic eggplant, our hearts are swooning… An entirely fresh and unpretentious taste experience that honours Vietnam’s legendary street food cuisine.

We love to stock up on GUSTA products in grocery stores: they’re easy to find, taste great and they’re simple to cook. But on weekends, when we venture out for a bite to eat – or order in, these three vegan restaurants in Vancouver B.C. give us a well-deserved break by literally making our mouths water. Enjoy!