9 September 2020

Veganism : 5 Myth-Busters

When talking about veganism, whether it be during happy hours or at dinner, some myths have a thick skin. We might even hear some things that are hard to digest! Let us sift through five preconceived ideas that cast a shadow over the vegan way of life and finally separate facts and fiction.

Myth #1: Vegans have a poor diet

The vitamin and protein intake needed by the human body is not only found in meat. If we adopt a vegan diet and ingest a proper combination of fruits, vegetables, cereals (millet, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.) and legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, peanuts, etc.) every day, there should be no deficiencies in sight, nor energy reductions. Our article “What are the Best Sources of Vegetable Protein?” explores this issue in depth.

Myth #2: Veganism is incompatible with professional sports

When they engage in intense physical activity, athletes spend a ton of energy. For performance, proteins have our back. Just like the fuel of the body: the more you run full tilt, the more you have to refuel! And to keep pace with high-calibre athletes, plant-based proteins have nothing to envy animals. Not convinced? Know that ex-boxer Mike Tyson and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton are both champions AND vegans.

Myth #3: A vegan groceries costs big bucks

In addition to delicious fruits and vegetables, the vegan diet is full of pasta, cereals and legumes. When compared with dairy products, meat and fish, these products are selling at low prices. You can even stockpile them since they last longer!

Myth #4: Veganism is for the granolas and gipsies of this world

Absolutely not! While the hippies were among the first to support vegan food, the typical vegan portrait has become much more diverse over the past couple of years. Athletes, actors, singers and well-known entrepreneurs are adepts of veganism and yet not granolas for two pennies! Just think of Woody Harrelson, Moby, Brad Pitt and more celebs in this other blog post of ours.

Myth #5: Vegan food is redundant and little varied

Veganism is less restrictive than we think. Between legumes, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables, vegans have enough to fill their belly. More and more restaurants, brands and shops now offer vegan options and menus. And if we cook these with a hint of creativity (browse through our original recipes), sceptics would be proven wrong. It’s a real delight!

When we delve into the question, it’s clear that veganism deserves more exposure. And we realize, meanwhile, that vegan food has a little something seductive… Looking for plant-based sausages, roasts, burgers and cheeses? GUSTA products, made in Canada, are here! Discover them and buy them in grocery stores.