6 July 2020

5 Delicious Recipes for the Happy Hour

One of the great joys of summer? Meeting with your loved one, family or friends after a busy week to chat while sipping a glass of rosé! What if the pleasure could last longer by serving vegan tapas and appetizers on the terrace? Here are our suggestions of simple yet tasty bites for happy cocktail hours. Cheers!

Salty bites: vegan scones

Looking for a snack to munch on? Roll on the 3-4 courses served in small portions! No heavy decorum nor never-ending prep-time in the kitchen: we prepare our appetizers ahead of time and bring the plates while the wine (or the beer) is pouring. Exit the excessive cutlery, the food is at our fingertips. Either served hot or warm, we can focus on our guests and enjoy their company rather than having a date with the oven and the dishwasher. Psst: if we serve them The Edgy Vedge vegan savoury scones, they will eat it in the blink of an eye, GUSTA’s word!

Cheesy bites: vegan grilled cheese and mini omelettes

The best of the best: gratin. Whatever the form it takes, the young and not so young all want a piece. Some may squeal with delight, while others simply can’t resist the second round. So we make the most of the occasion to feature a variety of GUSTA’s vegan cheese. Served as tiny snacks, the Grilled Cheese Gugu shines a light on the Original and the Americano, while Liv B’s Chickpea Omelette Cups will make them fall under the spell of the Swisso. Gustatory love at first strike guaranteed!

Puff pastries with mushrooms and GUSTA sausages

The king of appetizers is still puff. Sweet or salty, it even pleases the picky eater who doesn’t have to get his fingers dirty! The icing on the cake? There’s a wide variety of vegan puff pastries! In this Mushroom Puff Pastries recipe, the Germaine GUSTA ground sausage is pulchritudinous. While wrapped in refrigerated vegan croissants, the GUSTA Brunch sausage has never looked so good! One might say it adds an aristocratic touch to any happy hour.

With sausages, seitan roasts and GUSTA cheeses, you can prepare delicious and varied vegan bites with a snap of the fingers. Buy from the biggest grocery stores in Canada, get inspired by the recipes section of this website and invite your guests. Let’s have a party, fuss and hassle-free. Let’s have a party!