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Simple but efficient, GUSTA vegan foods manufacturing site is equipped with some pretty big machines and staffed with passionate and dedicated employees who prepare outstanding yet affordable products with love and care. The proximity with merchants at the Jean-Talon Market, in Montreal, gives us access to the  best veggies and spices. That’s a good thing because everything we create is plant-based! Stop talking and go get our sausages, seitan roasts and cheeses!

A small corner of our site is dedicated to research and development so we can bring you new products and flavours. We know you already want to try them!


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A must for any self-respecting gourmet!

GUSTA will also have its own shop counter and boutique.

It will open in spring 2016 in the Jean-Talon Market. There, you’ll be able to taste and buy our regular products and seasonal novelties: strings of sausages, cold cuts and cheese sold by weight. Nothing short of a little vegan delicatessen heaven!

A small dining area will showcase GUSTA products in a variety of gourmet comfort-food dishes: grilled-cheese sandwiches, smoked seitan and vegan poutines will be among the items on the menu, along with microbrewery beers and other locally-produced beverages. With GUSTA, lunch becomes a party!


All news and informations will be posted on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Our Mission

GUSTA isn’t trying to change the world or save your soul, but we can probably get the process started. We want to do our part with a more thoughtful approach to nutrition, while keeping taste uppermost in mind. We will explore the power of plants to create richly flavourful, authentic products that also happen to be good for the environment, your body and even your soul!

Putting values first!

GUSTA is founded on the idea of enjoying good food, but we also stand behind very strong environmental and social values. Because we aim to have the smallest environmental impact possible, we avoid excessive packaging and try to limit waste.

We take social and environmental causes to heart and will always do what we can to support groups and organizations that defend animal rights, the environment and social justice.


The Gusta Team


Sylvain Karpinski

Director / Founder

Sylvain is a young entrepreneur and food lover with Swiss-Polish roots. A vegan for over ten years, he has traveled extensively and seen firsthand how Western vegetarianism has evolved since the mid-2000s. He became very dedicated to various environmental causes in his younger years and now wants to up his contribution by making good food available to all.



Devoted to everything plant based, Fred has several years of experience in sales, marketing and communications. Particularly in the field of natural health products. He is a passionate about cycling, heavy music and worships his beagle Django. GUSTA is for him a vector of change for the planet that passes through your belly with yummy foodstuffs. Business development, special projects or promotional activities? Do not hesitate to contact him!


Jean-François Gagné


Jean-François, also known Jeffo in the team, is a fanatic of palletizing. A hurricane made of boxes does not frighten him, on the contrary it makes his delight. He is a mature man with many talents, including the ability to dance without stopping for more than twelve hours. Jeffo survived on an exclusive GUSTA cheese and sausage diet for the last year and look how good he looks ;)


Download our media kit

Here, you can download our media kit, which summarizes who we are and what we do in a few words and images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vegetarian, plant-based, vegan, what’s the difference?

Vegetarianism is a diet that doesn’t include any meat or dead animal parts (red meat, white meat, fish, seafood, gelatin, etc.).

A plant-based diet is composed exclusively of plants and excludes all animal products (including dairy products, eggs and honey).

Veganism refers to a lifestyle that excludes all products and services that involve animal exploitation or suffering, such as certain clothing materials (leather, wool), products tested on animals, and zoos.

Why veganism?

For the animals: We love them, whether they have fur or fins. We consider all animals, humans included, as equals and wish them only happiness.

For a healthy climate: The livestock industry emits more greenhouse gases than all transport combined (cars, planes, boats, etc.). [ref.]

For living oceans: It’s possible that our grandchildren will see oceans without fish in about thirty years’ time. [ref.]

For nature: 91% of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is due to animal agriculture. [ref.] Deforestation is responsible for the extinction of more than a hundred plant and animal species every day. [ref.]

For humanity: Over 50% of the grain grown worldwide is used to feed livestock, while at the same time, millions of humans go hungry. [ref.]

For health: The World Health Organization now associates processed meats with a cancer risk and categorized red meat as potentially carcinogenic (it was about time—this had already been known for years). People eating a plant-based diet will tell you that they simply feel better, more alive and lighter when eating only foods of plant origin. Several of the world’s top athletes tout the benefits of a vegan diet. To name only a few, these include Olympic champion Carl Lewis or Ironman Rich Roll, who completed no fewer than five Ironman competitions in the same week. Closer to home, there’s long-distance swimmer Xavier Desharnais, two-time winner of the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean, and the world champion pair skater Meagan Duhamel.


The name GUSTA refers to taste, but it’s also a nod to the Latin America that’s dear to Sylvain’s heart, where the verb “gustar” means “to like.” GUSTA wants to become a pioneer in gourmet vegan products on the North American East coast, to bring a little balance to the abundance of vegan products available mainly on the West coast.

Are your products certified organic?

Some of our ingredients are organic, for example coconut oil. We give priority to local producers who grow and process their products in an environmentally responsible manner.

How do we keep your product fresh?

The sausages, seitans and cheeses are kept in the fridge until the best before date.

The sausages and seitans can be frozen for up to 12 months but NOT the cheeses.

Once opened, the products are good for more/less one week in the fridge.

How do we cook your products?

First you have to take off the plastic casing with the tip of a sharp knife. You can eat the products as is because they are pre-cooked but they are WAY better included in your favorite recipe!

The best way to cook the sausages and seitans is either in ground ”meat”, cut in thin slices, in cubes or in strips in a frying pan with a bit of vegetable oil or on the BBQ.

The cheeses you can grate, cut in cubes or in thin slices to put on a burger, pizza, sandwich or pastas. They melt incredibly well!

See our recipe ideas here: https://gustafoods.com/en/blog-recipes/

Where does the protein in your sausages and seitans come from?

Our sausages and seitans are made from wheat protein—aka gluten, for those in the know. It is obtained by rinsing the starch out of wheat flour.

Are your products gluten-free?

Our cheeses are gluten-free and we’re working on developing gluten-free sausages.

Are your products certified vegan?

Our products, our manufacturing site and our founder are all 100% plant-based!

Are your products made from local ingredients?

We try to use local ingredients as far as possible, depending on the season. The wheat protein we use comes from the Canadian prairies, while our coconut oil is sourced in the Philippines.

Are your products nut-free?

There are no nuts in all our products.

Are your products certified non-GMO?

Of course!

I’m a retailer and would like to distribute your products. How should I proceed?

Fred, our Director of Sales | Marketing | Communications, will be happy to tell you about our different products and how to set up your account. You can contact him by email : fred@gustafoods.com, or by phone : 1 514 241-7278

Buy GUSTA goodies!


Our products are available at several grocery stores in Canada. Have a look at our interactive map to find the point of sale nearest you.