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Our vegan cheeses are made with coconut oil. They’re flavoured with spices and yeast that give that familiar cheese taste. They come in solid form when cold but can be melted in all types of dishes you enjoy. Put them wherever you like: pizzas, baked dishes, grilled vegan cheeses, pasta dishes, raclettes, etc. You can eat them cold too, in sandwiches or as an amuse bouche, for example.

100% Vegan
Made in Canada

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Veganism : 5 Myth-Busters

When talking about veganism, whether it be during happy hours or at dinner, some myths have a thick skin. We might even hear some things that are hard to digest! Let us sift through five preconceived ideas that cast a shadow over the vegan way of life and finally separate facts and fiction.

A vegan diet can help…
Balance female hormones
Cooking should not be puzzling!

Hack your favourite recipes or discover new ways of eating vegan style based on your culinary choices.

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