GUSTA answers your questions!

The plastic wrap is our casing that allows to produce our sausages, and to also sell them without having to resort to overpackaging.

Unfortunately, there is still no recyclable packaging that’s adapted to our manufacturing process, but we’re on the lookout for innovative solutions.

First, remove the plastic wrap with the tip of a sharp knife. You can eat the products without cooking them, because they’re precooked, but we suggest you cook them and put them in one of your favourite recipes!

The sausages and / or seitan roasts can be crumbled, sliced, striped or cut in cubes and sautéed in a pan with a bit vegetable oil or on the BBQ.

The cheeses can be grated, cubed or sliced on burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, etc. They melt deliciously well!

Our sausages come precooked as per the manufacturing process. You can eat them cold. But they’re better heated in a pan or on the BBQ. Don’t boil them.

Sausages: once the first sausage is cut, you can keep it for up to ten days.

For our roasts, cheeses and pizzaroni: once you slice it, you can keep them for up to 5 days, if properly packaged in a cling wrap or an airtight container.

Sausages, seitan roasts and cheeses are kept in the refrigerator until the expiry date.

The sausages and seitan can be frozen well past 12 months, but NOT the cheeses.

Once opened, the products can keep up +/- 1 week in the fridge.

Our sausages all contain gluten, and la Montréalaise also contains sesame. On the other hand, our cheeses don’t contain any allergens (no dairy products, no gluten, no soya…)

From the Canadian Prairies.

Not at all. It’s even recommended to eat various sources of food. Eating GUSTA sausages is a perfect example of protein intake other than meat.

Our sausages and seitan roasts contain wheat proteins, or gluten if you prefer. This protein is obtained by rinsing the starch from wheat flour.

Our cheeses are made from a delicate blend of tapioca, vegetable oil and carefully selected yeast extracts.

Our cheeses are good when cut or shredded, but they were made to be melted or baked over your favourite dishes.

Our cheeses and pates are gluten-free.

Our products, our company and the founder are 100% vegan!

We prefer as much as possible to use local ingredients, based on the seasons. Our wheat proteins come from the Canadian Prairies, while our coconut oil comes from the Philippines.

All our products are nut free.

The principal ingredient is the red lentil. We added coconut oil and sunflower seeds for a perfect texture.

And we add a mix of spices and vegetables for tasting recipes.

Because we put some crushed sunflower seeds and vegetables.

The vegan pâté Traditional is made from herbs and vegetables. This vegan version will remind you of good memories.
The vegan pâté Original is an exclusive recipe from GUSTA. The umami taste is special and unique.

Yes, we have the vegan pâtés! It is our first organic product range certified by Ecocert Canada.

This include two patés (Oroginal & traditional) and one creton.

The burger is made of seitan, seitan is wheat protein that has been cooked with spices and vegetables.


It is about 75gr for one burger. But it is up to you to choose the size of your burger.

You can cut up to 10 burgers per product. Perfect for a meal with your loved ones!

The Mex is a Mexican-inspired recipe. This roast is made from tacos spices.

Moderately. The products were thought for everyone!

Inspired by Middle Eastern kebabs, this seitan roast can be used in different ways : sliced, cut into strips or cubes, chopped etc.

Wheat protein can be easily extracted at home as follows:
1. Create a ball of dough made with water and wheat flour.
2. Rinse the dough ball under water until the water becomes transparent (sign that all the starch has disappeared).
3. The mass of the remaining ball of dough will be greyish: that’s wheat protein.

Seitan is cooked wheat protein (=wheat gluten). We add on it spices and vegetables to obtain a tasty seitan, as only GUSTA knows.

Gluten is the wheat protein.

Vegetarianism is a meatless diet or a diet that doesn’t include the remains of a dead animal (red meat, white meat, fish, seafood, gelatin, etc.).

Veganism is a 100% vegetable diet, excluding any animal-based product (including dairy products, eggs and honey).

Being vegan refers to a way of life that excludes any product or service that involves animal exploitation or suffering, such as certain clothing (leather, wool), products tested on animals, or zoos.

For animals: Fury or not, we love them. We consider all animals, including the human being, as equal and wish them happiness.

For a healthy climate: The livestock industry emits more greenhouse gases than all transport combined (cars, planes, boats, etc.).

For the oceans: Our grandchildren may see oceans without fish in the next 30 years.

For nature: 91% of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is due to animal agriculture. More than a hundred animal and plant species die out daily.

For humanity: More than 50% of the world’s grain is used to feed livestock, while millions of people suffer from starvation.

For health: The World Health Organization now declares cold cuts as carcinogenic, and red meat as potentially carcinogenic. It’s about time … Vegans will simply tell you that you feel better, more alive and lighter when you eat only plant foods. Several world-famous athletes tout the benefits of a vegan diet. Those include Olympic champion Carl Lewis or Rich Roll who has completed no less than 5 Ironman challenges in the same week. Closer to home, we find long-distance swimmer Xavier Desharnais, double champion of the Lac Saint-Jean International Crossing and world figure skating champion Meagan Duhamel.

The name GUSTA refers to taste, but it’s also a little nod to Latin America that Sylvain likes so much, where the verb “gustar” means “to love”. GUSTA wants to be a pioneer of gourmet vegan products on the North American east coast, to offset some of the West’s.

Isabelle, our VP of Sales, will be pleased to talk about our products and outsourcing methods. To communicate with her by email: isabelle@gustafoods.com