10 August 2020

3 facts about GUSTA’s packaging

GUSTA is vegan out of conviction, but also out of love for the planet and its inhabitants. We are a conscientious and committed Canadian company with a vision of an ecological future and a real thirst for sustainable development. Consumers often ask: “But why, then, are your sausages, roasts, vegan cheeses and other products wrapped in plastic”? Clear and well-thought answers to 3 burning questions about GUSTA packaging.

Why did you choose plastic packaging?

To give shape to GUSTA products, we opted for the sausage maker’s method. But really, what does it mean? Simply put, the delicious ingredients that make our products are prepared, blended and then inserted into a plastic membrane, commonly known as a hose. This tube acts as a minimalist container because, in addition to containing the preparations, shaping the products and allowing them to be cooked, it ensures their distribution without compulsory recourse to overpackaging or repackaging, therefore reducing waste. The GUSTA products are thus presented as-is (coated with our adorable label) on the shelves of grocery stores. In the end, it is simple and easy with a minimal ecological footprint.

Is the plastic film used recyclable?

At the factory, the GUSTA manufacturing processes are run-in and set to a quarter turn: the production line is efficient and fluid, and waste is reduced to its purest expression. Its engineering required a great deal of time, reflection and rigour of execution. The only downside is that our current manufacturing processes do not yet allow us to use 100% recyclable packaging. They do exist on the market, but none of them allows us to produce our entire production with the same packaging. So rather than unduly lengthening the production process of GUSTA products using a membrane for moulding, another for cooking preparations and yet another for distribution, we opted for a single, but non-recyclable plastic casing. That said, as a vigilant and agile company, we always keep an eye on technological advances regarding plastic packaging. We hope to soon be able to rely on innovative processes that are both efficient and even more environmentally friendly. This is our ultimate goal!

Is the GUSTA plastic membrane edible?

Some GUSTA consumers have the reflex to put our products as-is on the BBQ, in a frying pan, in the oven or a pot. It would be quite nice and straightforward to be able to do that— but when you think about it, the incomparable taste of GUSTA preparations won’t turn up… And let’s be honest: NO ONE wants to eat plastic! As our plastic hoses are also handled during the transport and merchandising of GUSTA products, we must get rid of them when cooking our favourite dishes. But good news: there is nothing simpler and faster when you know the ideal technique, which is explained here, in sound and images!

Plastic membranes that coat GUSTA products have a purpose of serving, and doing so rightly… and in more ways than one! They are used to shape and facilitate cooking, and then as a packaging film for the effective marketing of GUSTA sausages, roasts, sticks, vegan cheeses, vegan cretons and vegan pâtés. Thanks to them, we turn our back on overpackaging and safeguard the earth. One stone, two shots!