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The 5 best vegan sugar shacks

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sugaring-off season! In recent years, more and more sugar shacks have been offering entirely or partially vegan menus.

Vegan Grocery List: The Must-Haves

When we adopt a vegan diet, we must adjust our cooking habits, our ways of doing things… and (to some extent) the content of our pantry and fridge! What are vegan musts, these basic ingredients that make it possible to cook tasty, varied and bluffing vegan recipes? Here is the shortlist. Ready? Grab a pen or a tablet!

Debunking Myths about Flexitarianism

Between vegetarianism, veganism and plant-based diets, there lies flexitarianism. With all the eating practices that exist today, it can be easy to get lost. That’s why we’re helping you unravel the flexitarian diet, the latest eating trend that is earning traction with more and more followers all over the world.

4 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

Only a few weeks before Christmas and at GUSTA we’re already wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters to get us in the mood. This period is the ideal opportunity to reunite with family and express our attachment to our loved ones. But, the fact remains that this holiday also celebrates overconsumption and food waste, if it’s not properly planned out.

7 apple and pumpkin recipes to try this fall

Fall, what a great time for picking apples and pumpkins! What we also particularly love are the baking days that follow. Every year, it’s always the same: we’ve picked too many of these fruits and we don’t know what to do with them! But after sampling these delicious plant-based recipes, you might decide that you need even more apples and pumpkins in your kitchen!

Discover which one of these seven plant-based recipes will become your new favourite.

Powered by plants: nine vegan athletes

After adopting a vegan diet, several top athletes are proving that meat or dairy products are not necessary for optimal performance. These athletes are also shattering myths about veganism. A study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine states that a vegan diet is rich in carbohydrates, fiber and several other nutrients. […]

Is this vegan?!

It’s the infamous question we constantly ask ourselves when making the switch to a plant-based diet. It’s also repeated over and over again by our loved ones during a meal.  The question: Is this vegan? To save you time at the grocery store or when educating those around you about your vegan lifestyle, we’re giving […]

Vegan baking substitutes

Any baking recipe can be made vegan. In fact, finding vegan substitutes in baked good recipes without compromising the taste or texture is very easy to do once you know the basics.  1. Butter Butter is undoubtedly one of the most used ingredients in baking. It lends an unmistakable richness and flavour to all baked […]

Youth on the Move

This month, we wanted to look at how youths are mobilizing themselves internationally and nationally for environmental and ethical causes.


Have you ever heard about Seitan?
Seitan is a commun and essential food in the vegan world. It is also a favourite high protein ingredient of GUSTA’ s product line.

New year’s resolutions

What about starting off 2021 on the right foot? 2020 has been a complicated year and we all kind of want to reinvent ourselves.  So here are five new year’s resolutions for you to try in 2021. They are easy to complete and good for your mind and the earth. We have ordered them from […]

Vegan Fashion: 5 Canadian Brands to Discover

Like vegan food, vegan fashion is intended to be cruelty-free. No leather, fur or wool on the menu: plant fibres, recycled fabrics and high-tech materials take over materials produced by animal farming.

Cauliflower: A Vegan’s MVP

Cauliflower here, cauliflower there… For a few seasons now, this cruciferous vegetable has been shaking up our culinary habits with its all-purpose vegetable attribute!

Veganism : 5 Myth-Busters

When talking about veganism, whether it be during happy hours or at dinner, some myths have a thick skin. We might even hear some things that are hard to digest! Let us sift through five preconceived ideas that cast a shadow over the vegan way of life and finally separate facts and fiction.

3 succulent vegan restaurants in Vancouver

When you think of beautiful British Columbia, you immediately imagine greenery, wide open spaces and clean air. So it was only natural that Vancouver’s food scene should reflect the province’s image: natural, fresh and pure… much to the delight of vegetarians and vegans! Here is a close-up of three Vancouver B.C. vegan restaurants that we all want to experience.

Three great vegan restaurants in Toronto

Toronto’s food scene is multifaceted, open to the world and diverse. T-Dot’s restaurants have everything to please the greatest number of people: from classic to trendy, their service is spot on and their menus inspired. And because Torontonians love healthy, fresh and tasty food, there are many vegan and vegeterian options to be savoured, whether you order online or stop by. Here are three of them!

Montreal: The Best Vegan Restaurants

The Montreal gastronomic scene is abundant. Statistics prove it: the most significant number of restaurants per capita in Canada are located in Quebec’s metropolis! So there is something for everyone – and for all taste buds – in Montreal. And vegans are more and more spoiled for choice. Here are 6 Montreal vegan restaurants worth a visit. À table!

5 Delicious Recipes for the Happy Hour

One of the great joys of summer? Meeting with your loved one, family or friends after a busy week to chat while sipping a glass of rosé! What if the pleasure could last longer by serving vegan tapas and appetizers on the terrace? Here are our suggestions of simple yet tasty bites for happy cocktail hours. Cheers!

What is Veganism Exactly?

The term vegan is on everyone’s lips. But do we truly know the veganism mission, scope and vocation? Here’s a brief overview of its meaning and the convictions of those who adhere to it. Because veganism is much more than a cool concept: it is a conscientious and thoughtful way of life.

Cendrine Browne: Her GUSTA ravioli recipe

GUSTA is proud to support local vegan Athletes. It was therefore natural to sponsor Cendrine Browne. Canadian Olympic cross-country skier, vegetarian for 1 year and newly vegan, she proudly wears our colors since last November. Young, dynamic and talented, today she presents her vegan ravioli recipe featuring our sausages. It has only been a few […]

These 10 celebs are vegan

You sometimes get the impressions that you’re all alone when you’re vegan… Family dinners, nights out with friends at the restaurant or happy hours after work are all moments when you can feel under scrutiny, as people ask you questions about your eating habits. Luckily, many celebrities are vegans! They can use their fame to spread the word about the diet and lifestyle they chose. Here are 10 celebrities that are vegan – who knows, you might be surprised to learn a few of them are!