2 December 2020

Snooper, Rebel or El Presidente? Find out now which one is your GUSTA profile!

Because we like to share a good meal with the ones we care about, to try new recipes, to reduce our carbon footprint… you can find one thousand and one reasons to like (even love) GUSTA products! If you don’t know it yet, let’s find out what your GUSTA profile is! 

About us, what thrills us at GUSTA is enjoying and savoring a delicious meal with family or sharing a fondue with friends (yes, it’s time!) with due respect to the environment and animals. What about you? What do you like? Tell us why you like our products and we will tell you who you are!


Around you, you’re hearing more and more about vegan cooking and it tickled your curiosity. You would like to try it but you don’t know where you can start. In spite of this desire for novelty, you are still very attached to your cooking habits, or you like simplicity and tell yourself that cooking vegan = cooking complicated. Vegan cooking wouldn’t be adapted for you? Don’t be mistaken! Vegan cooking is adapted to everyone. It can be very simple, fast and of course … delicious! Don’t worry about it, GUSTA will be there for you to lead you on the vegan cooking path. For you, the snooper, we have a repertoire full of recipes that will allow you to discover new stuff without getting out of your comfort zone. Indeed, you will be able to keep cooking and eating recipes that you like in the vegan version.

The Rebel

According to you, environmental issues are critical and you decided to bring your contribution. You think that reducing food waste and carbon footprint begin in our plate. And you are right! At GUSTA, we are sharing your values and your principles. That’s why, in order to help you in your fight for a greener future and a greatest social justice, we offer you a wide range of recipes. So, you, the Rebel, you will become the “Fork’s Che” with our help. Of course, we encourage you to share these recipes with your family and your friends to recruit many people to your cause. Indeed, because they are vegan, these recipes will contribute to lowering your carbon footprint without forgetting your pleasure to eat good stuff. In other words, we are offering you recipes as good as green.

El Presidente

You master the vegan cooking’s codes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 3 times a day, 7 days a week, you live, think and cook vegan. You are like the model student : you understand that you can enjoy good food by respecting animal well being and environment. However, you think you already know everything about vegan cooking and you already test it. Are you looking for new inspirations? Do you like challenges behind your oven and your cutting board? If your answer is “YES !”, GUSTA has what you need. We have a full register of recipes that will roughly test your skills as El Presidente. We promise you that you won’t get bored with us. We’ll help you to see vegan cooking in a new way from breakfast to dinner, passing by lunch.

So? Which profil do you belong to? Are-you the snooper who’s trying vegan recipes without giving up his favorite recipes? The rebel who’s vegan to save the environment? Or El Presidente who’s constantly looking for new inspirations and new challenges? And because at GUSTA we encourage sharing, we invite you to check recipes from other profiles to be aware of more ideas and delicious recipes.Also, don’t forget that we are also curious, just like you, and always aware of new ideas! We are helping everyday our community but we also need you! Yes, YOU, behind your screen, you are our inspiration! Do you wish to make your contribution? We remind you that you can share your GUSTA creation whenever you want!