22 June 2020

Summer Salads: 3 Never-Dull Recipes

It’s no secret, summer implies freshness and lightness. As soon as the sun shines and the mercury soars, our appetite for hearty dishes melts like snow under the sun. The seasonal solution? Homemade summer salads to break bread with healthy, refreshing and colourful ingredients. Still not inspired? Here are some ingenious ideas to add punch to your salads.

Salads that carry you away

Taking off without passport nor luggage? Feasible! Let’s head to the garden, the fridge and the pantry of the kitchen! By pairing, for example, a few lettuces with pieces of GUSTA’s Italiana sausage, you make a stop in Napoli for lunch. For the evening, we let our taste buds sail to Santorini, Greece, by preparing the Mediterranean salad. It often only takes one or two unexpected ingredients to change the scenery at lunch or dinner quickly.

Spicy salads

Summer rhymes with caliente. So, why not give a shot of calor to our favourite salad? Especially when it is easy as pie: enhance it with herbs, aromatics or spices. A bouquet of parsley here and a pinch of spices there, just like this tasty Warm Cajun salad recipe, signed La Fraîche. It’s colourful, and it gives a plate or a move boost!

From salads to bowls

Buddha, poke. Single serving bowls are trendy. And rightly so! Nutrient-dense and varied, they are pure concentrates of freshness… and happiness! Especially since the only limit in terms of ingredients is our imagination. A sweet-savory combo? Yes! A mix of vegetables, seeds and fruits? Yes again! Warm proteins paired with raw foods, like in this korean bowl Yes, yes and yes again! Because the bowl is the 2.0 meal salad: it satiates and refreshes!

Reinventing salads is not rocket science: you just need a bit of imagination… and some good tricks! Want to share yours with the GUSTA community? Send your creative vegan recipes. No doubt, we will be bubbling with ideas and prove the sceptics wrong with forever fun salads!